Our Policies and Procedures

1. EVERYONE is to come to the facility wearing a mask

2. If the person arriving is here to participate in any of our programming (Class, Team Practice, Open Gym, camp, Etc.) then they will be allowed, but not required, to remove their mask for the length of the program that they are enrolled for.

3. If the person arriving is only viewing any of our programming then they must keep their mask on for their entire duration of their stay in the facility. Because we can't ask about vaccine status due to hipaa, and we do not have the resources to mandate this on a case by case basis, then this will be required across the board. No exceptions.

5. Everyone must depart the facility in a mask as you make your way to the exit.

6. Staff will still be required to wear a mask at all times.

7. Please make sure participants have a bag with them to store their mask. Masks will not be allowed to be placed on the ground, a chair, etc. If anyone does not have a bag to place their mask in, then they will be required to keep them on or in a pocket.

* Weather/temperature permitting we will be opening the garage doors so that the facility has ample ventilation.