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Our gymnastics program goes from beginner classes to high level competitive gymnastics. Our youngest students will be taught motor control and basic movement. Throughout the progression of classes your child will learn new skills, and advance to competitive team if that is desired.



            NINJA TRAINING



Our Ninja Warrior section over 30 ninja obstacles from the tv show. Most of the obstacles are to specification on the show, but we do have some obstacles that are scaled down for kids.


Come in and enjoy some free time in our obstacle gym. We guarantee you will walk away with a smile...and probably a little tired.



We offer personal training in all the fields that are available at the facility, from gymnastics, to ninja warrior, to strength and flexibility. Please meet with our head trainer, Dan Galiczynski, to set up what you are looking for. 

The Gravity Forge blurs the line between recreational activity and fitness. It is a gym dedicated to teaching and training others in functional movements. What is a functional movement exactly? Functional movements are real life, everyday movements such as running, leaping, squatting, jumping, twisting, swinging, sliding, climbing, and balancing. Activities and training offered at The Gravity Forge will help others to understand their bodies better through gymnastics, climbing, and obstacles.



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