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Membership & Drop-Ins

Drop In Prices

Ninja drop in- $20 (Ages 6+)
Open Gym drop in- $20 (Ages 4+)
5 Drop In Card- $90 (Good for 6 months)
10 Drop In Card- $170 (Good for 6 months)
Schedule can be found HERE 

*The Ninja Warrior is for ages 6+ and requires shoes. The gymnastics section (Only open on Fridays and Sundays) is for ages 4+

* Drop In Cards are good for 6 months from purchase, and can be shared with family and friends!


  • What Does A Membership Get Me?


A membership will get you access to the Ninja Warrior section during normal operating hours, and Open Gyms if there are spots available. It also gives you discounts on all our classes, personal training, birthday parties and more! 

Membership benefits can only be used by the person who has the membership


  • Do I Need A Membership?


You do not need a membership to enjoy the gym. You can purchase a drop in pass to the Ninja Warrior section for $20. Membership and non-membership prices are listed in each section of the website.

1 Month


6 Month


12 Month


1 Member

2 Members 

(From the same family)

3+ Members

(From the same family)










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