Women's Gymnastics Team

Welcome To "The Gravity Elite Gymnastics Team"

We train girls in all four competitive women's events

  • Vault

  • Uneven Bars

  • Balance Beam

  • Floor

Our Gravity Elite Gymnastics Team is a USAG program that also offers the USAG Xcel Program. We help build confidence in all of our gymnasts to prepare them for a successful competition season.

"We Don't Defy


We Defeat It"

Meet Schedule

2018-19 Season


November 30th-December 2nd Liberty Cup (Xcel Diamond Only)


December 8th & 9th Silvia Mitova Invitational (All Teams Except Xcel Diamond)

December 14th-16th Bahamas Competition (All Teams Involved)


January 11th-13th Icicle Invitational (Xcel Diamond Only)

January 12th & 13th Dave Moskovitz Invitational (Xcel Bronze Only)

January 26th & 27th Manhattan Classic (All Teams Except Xcel Bronze)


February 8th-10th Dalmatian Classic (All Teams Except Xcel Diamond)

February 22nd-24th Pink Meet Invitational (All Teams)


March 8th-10th Mardi Gras Invitational (All Teams Except Xcel Bronze)

March 30th-31th Level 7 States (Level 7 Only)


April 6th-7th Level 6 States (Level 6 Only)

April 12th-14th Keystone State Games (Xcel Silver-Xcel Diamond)


May 17th-19th Xcel States (Xcel Silver-Xcel Diamond)

May 30th-June 2nd Xcel Regional 7 Invitational (Xcel Silver-Xcel Diamond)