Feb 21st 2021




STEP 1: Before you register you must have a Ninjaworks Athlete ID and Sign the NNL Waiver! Their waiver can be found on their page.

STEP 2: Register (Registration opens on Jan 21st)

STEP 3: Understand our policies


  • You must enter the facility at our main entrance (Has the sign over the door).

  • You must have a mask on while entering. Hand Sanitizer must be used after your temperature is taken, and before you enter the gym.

  • Your temperature will be taken at the door. If anyone's temperature exceeds 100.2 then they will not be allowed in.


  • After your wave is complete then you MUST leave. We can not have anyone lingering in the facility. THERE IS NO REDEMPTION TIME.

  • You will be leaving out of our old entrance, as the new wave will be entering through our new entrance.

Refund and Cancellation

  • The final day to cancel and still get a full refund is Feb 14.

  • If the event has to get cancelled due to COVID then you will be fully refunded for spot regardless of the date

COVID Policies

  • Athletes must wear a mask until it is their time to run, and after their run their mask must go back on. Parents and coaches must wear a mask at ALL TIMES.

  • Only 1 parent is allowed in per athlete (age 17 and Under). If it is a nice day then we will have our garage doors to possibly watch from outside, but the best bet may be watching from the live stream.

Gravity Forge RNL Competition